Monday, October 19, 2015

Meet the Local Author Book Signing

Meet the Local Author and Book Signing
Saturday, Oct. 24th from 1-3 p.m.
The Fashion Safari is thrilled to be hosting a book signing this coming Saturday, Oct. 24th from 1-3 p.m. Lois Gerber is a local resident and the author of four books (currently available for purchase on Lois is such a joy to meet and speak with. Her books make a wonderful gift and they appeal to all readers, especially those interested in history and nursing.
Runaway Girl: A Nurse's Story
Author Lois Gerber introduces us to Connie Sinclair, a feisty young farmer's daughter, determined to have a better life than what her father has planned for her. But to have a chance at that future, Connie must leave everything behind and travel to the "big city", 1920's Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to discover her destiny as a nurse. Gerber brings Pittsburgh alive to the reader with her Ken Follett-like attention to detail. Her extensive research into nursing training, medical practices and the role of nurses of the day will remind us of why people choose to be nurses! As you read this book, you will soon be drawn into Connie's story and cheering her on with anticipation of what will happen next! A Must-Read for anyone!
         -- Lynn Myers review on

Lois Gerber
Community Health Nurse & Author
"Runaway Girl: A Nurse's Story" took two years to write. It is not a memoir of my mother but includes many of the memories she shared with me of her student nurse days in the mid 1920s. The book has been well researched. I've interwoven typical duties of the nursing students of that era with the common illness and their treatments. The efforts I have put into the book have enhanced my appreciation of the hard work, resilience, and compassionate caring of the nurse of yesteryear.
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