Friday, January 31, 2020

Super Saturday Savings Event

Sunday's all about the guys and the game, but Saturday is for you. Join us for our Super Saturday Sale on February 1st from 10-4.

Here's the game plan:
Shop till you drop with 
20% off all regular-priced items and savings up to 50% off on our sale racks!

Kick-off begins at 10 a.m. Saturday.
Hurry in for the best selection!

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Look What's New at The Fashion Safari

We lose weight. We gain weight. Our preferences change as time goes by and we just get bored with wearing the same old fashions. That's why there's never been a better time to stop by and check out all the amazing new arrivals at The Fashion Safari. Here's a little sneak peek at some of our favorites:

Monday, January 20, 2020

I finally did it...

As the owner of a consignment shop, and someone who inspects hundreds of garments on an almost daily basis, the last thing I want to do when I come home from work (or on my day off) is to clean my closet. But the start of a new year, and the lack of closet space, finally inspired me to tackle the dreaded project once and for all. And I seriously have to say that I feel like such a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I absolutely love my emptier more-organized closet.

I'm not going to lie and tell you that it was easy for me because it wasn't. I spent the majority of the day working nonstop on my closet. It was exhausting but well worth the time spent. My new closet is now filled with garments that I truly love and that actually fit me "right now". Here's how I did it:

I began by pulling out everything in my closet, trying it on, and then asking myself the following questions:
  • Do I really like it?
  • Does it truly look good on me?
  • Does it fit me really well (right now)?
  • Do I feel comfortable wearing it?
If the answer was "no" to any of those questions, then I immediately took the items and divided them into three piles that I labeled: 
  • donate 
  • consign 
  • cut up for dust rags anything that was too worn, stained, or pilled
At the end of my journey, I honestly have to say that I felt so proud of myself for finally tackling that dreaded chore and for taking action towards starting the new year off in a positive direction. I hope this message inspires you to do the same!

Rose Shapiro/Owner
The Fashion Safari