Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Say Yes to the Dress

COVID took a toll on fashion over the past few years and countless individuals grew accustomed to throwing on a t-shirt and comfy pants and just stopped dressing up altogether. How many times can you honestly say that you've worn a dress in the past few years? For me, that answer is probably about 500 times. Dresses are my everyday outfit - not just for special occassions.

In a world full of shorts, capris, jeans, and athletic wear for everyday, why would I choose to wear a dress? The answers are simple.

For starters, instead of hiding your body, dresses celebrate it and flatter in the best possible way. You should feel good in what you wear and it should fit in a way that makes you feel like your best self. 

 Next, a dress is easier and more comfortable to wear. Just slip it on and you're done! And the best part is that dresses keep you cooler in the summer and are way more affordable (if you know where to shop).

The Fashion Safari currently has hundreds of dresses in all sizes for prices starting as low as $9.00 each. The average price is right around $18.99 and that's way more affordable than separates. So isn't it time you decided to take it up a notch, get an instant boost in confidence and femininity, and say yes to the dress this summer? Stop by today and try one on for size!


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