Wednesday, December 28, 2022

We have a winner!

 Congratulations to Samantha Mendez, winner of this Brand NEW Diamond Cluster 18" Pendant Necklace in Sterling Silver with a retail value of $200.00.

Samantha was in tears when she found out she had won and was so excited when she stopped by The Fashion Safari to pick up her prize! Make sure you're "following" us on social media and opening your emails for your chance to enter future contests!

Counting down the days to a bright NEW Year ahead!
The past year has flown by so quickly, and it was a difficult year for many of our clients who were affected by numerous circumstances, including the devastation from the hurricanes. Life has it's ups and downs. Good times, sad times, and everything inbetween.

But we're feeling quite optimistic that the New Year will bring hope, joy, love, laughter, and brighter days ahead. Let's not sit back in the shadows and simply "wait" for things to happen.

Start today by making a positive plan of action to make the next year your best ever. Don't settle when you don't have to. Don't believe everything you hear. Trust your intuition. Treat yourself to something special without feeling guilty about it.

You deserve to live your best life ever and only YOU can make that happen! So grab a note pad and start writing that positive plan of action (baby steps are fine) and grab the courage inside you and make this shiny New Year your best ever!

Rose Shapiro/Owner